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BC Mill Tour!

BC mill map detail map New Skeena Forest Eurocan Pulp & Paper Zellstoff Celgar Canfor Taylor Abi-con Mackenzie Pulp P&T Mackenzie Tembec Skookumchuk Weyerhaeuser Kamloops Cariboo Pulp and Paper Quesnel River Pulp Canfor Pr. George/Intercon Canfor Northwood Canfor Taylor New Skeena Forest Eurocan Pulp and Paper Tembec Skookumchuk Zellstoff Celgar Weyerhaeuser Kamloops P&T Mackenzie Abi-Con Mackenzie Canfor Northwood Canfor Prince George/Intercon Quesnel River Pulp Cariboo Pulp and Paper

Please click on the boxed area to expand that part of the map or on mill names or locations for information on specific mills.


The BC Mill Tour was produced with the financial assistance of the BC Gaming Commission. Thanks also to the regional offices of the BC Ministry of Environment, Janice Boyd of Environment Canada, Rob Wiltzen and Clara Broten.


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