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Reach for Unbleached started in 1991 as a citizens' organization in British Columbia, Canada in response to fishing closures due to dioxin contamination from chlorine-bleaching kraft pulp mills. We are now a national foundation, and a Canadian registered charity with a focus on consumer education and pulp mill monitoring.

Mission Statement

Reach for Unbleached works for a sustainable pulp and paper industry by making pulp mills clean up and by promoting clean paper. Reach for Unbleached seeks to empower citizens to change the technology by which paper is manufactured, through consumer education and the use of accurate scientific information. We believe that citizens will choose to change from polluting to non-polluting products, if they are given practical information on which to act, and shown accessible avenues for that action. We believe that this action by citizens is the best hope, and maybe the only hope, for a speedy end to toxic contamination of our watersheds.


Your membership or donation supports this web site and our other work. Membership in Reach for Unbleached is open to all who share our goals, subject to review by the Board of Directors. With a donation of $25 you can receive a hard copy of our bi-monthly newsletter, MillWatch, as published in the Watershed Sentinel.

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If you are interested in issues around pulp and paper production, we urge you to use our search engine. PLEASE NOTE: We regret that we do not have the resources to assist students with research papers.


This site redesign is the result of the design of Ester Strijbos, the assistance of Clara Broten and the Board of Reach for Unbleached, with editor and webmaster Delores Broten. Reach for Unbleached thanks all the members, donors, foundations, and the BC and Canadian Ministries of Environment, who helped finance the decade of work represented here, and especially the BC Gaming Commission for its support of this site re-design.


In 2004 we were happy to co-sponsor the Clean Air Concert in Duncan BC with the Crofton Airshed Citizens’ Group, and we are involved in on-going efforts to provide scientific information about the Crofton airshed,(see thanks to the funds raised at this concert by Randy Bachman, Neil Young, Tal Bachman, and the Barenaked Ladies.

During the 1990s, Reach for Unbleached! encouraged the formation of Reach for Unbleached! campaigns in Washington and Oregon, and promoted numerous displays and events in Canada. We sponsored workshops, research, some testing, and monitoring of pulp mills across BC. We are now providing information on clean pulp technologies and pulp pollution almost entirely via our web site which receives over 65,000 hits a month. We promote clean paper primarily through the Office Paper Buying Club, which operates throughout Canada, but focuses on Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia.

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